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Delicious Orange Muffins

April 20, 2009

 me and my stall

My stall at the Orange Muffin Festival, yesterday.

It was a glorious morning, the setting was wonderful and I think everyone enjoyed themselves – old and young alike. It was great being next to Candy. We were a colourful spot in the front garden.

Thankfully they gave us easy-ups so we were sheltered from the sun. It also allowed me to hang my three latest lap throws. In Redlands it gets so warm that we don’t really need quilts in summer but sometimes its nice to have something light to throw over you while you snooze or just to take the chill off on a cool evening. So I started making lap throws. A flannel back and a cotton top. Two had batik tops this time.

 IMG_0552 It seems very red but its lighter in colour. I really like it but have one already. This one has an almost candy floss pink colour flannel back.


This one is also lighter with a blue back with a pink diamond. The flannel is very soft on the back of this one.

The third lap throw had a gardening theme, cool and quiet compared to the other two, with some Debbie Mumm pansies and gardening tools and Mary Engelbreit “Let it Bloom”..I don’t think this photo really does it justice.


I had silk purses created from recycled ties and decorated with beads, a snap at $24 each. I display some of them in the Redlands Art Association in their monthly shows. They are just big enough for a credit card, driver’s license and a $20 bill, or a mobile phone, or an iPod or a gift bag, or even just a memento from your dad’s favourite tie.IMG_0559

And then I revealed my new range of jewelry created from vintage and modern buttons.IMG_0554

Pendants-from vintage grey and white shell buttons, with glass beads crocheted into the cord. Initially the cord was very scrunched but after I’d worn mine for the whole day the cord stretched out and the glass beads twinkled in the sunlight.








Its hard to see in the photo but  the “smartie” button range of bracelets are on the left of the photo and in the

photo on the right. The knitted wire bracelets were in the centre, some with vintage buttons as fastenings, I also made a stacked button pendent.

Looking at the photos I realize its hard to see the detail of the buttons and they don’t do the individual items justice. So its time for some kind of diffuser box to take the jewelry photos. Now there’s a project for my long suffering beloved.

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  1. candiedfabrics permalink
    April 20, 2009 2:45 pm

    Is that the best I could do for a picture? Everything looks great.

    Is a link on how to make a cheap light tent! See you later

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