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Where did the week go?

May 2, 2009

I started writing about a visit with my friend Joyce (a fellow artist in Artists for a Cause) who makes the most incredible dyed gourds and keeps Dwarf Nigerian Goats. I took my small friend Logan with me because I’d taken his brother and my younger son to see the 10 day old kids.


Liam and Matt cuddling goats.

Now these adorable kids are about 6 weeks old and bounce everywhere as if they  had springs attached to their feet. They followed their mother’s out of the pen but were quick to explore the pasture by themselves and get into mischief.IMG_0640Having spent 20 minutes exploring the outside world they were happy to return to their pens and have a cuddle with Logan and myself.IMG_0676

Logan cuddling his favourite kid.


Logan and myself.


Joyce, Logan and three of her kids.

Logan went back to school on Wednesday and realized I only had 3 raggy baby receiving quilts, 3 blue and 1 pink, 1 lavender and 1 purple back for girls. I had no neutrals. So I went into production and made 2 blue, 2 pink, 2 neutral and I finished the yellow one from the scrap box. My dear friend Janet said she’d snip them for me and she is twice as fast as I am! So now they are already to wash and dry. I am happy to say the yellow one came out really nicely and I would like to make more in this style but they do take longer to make, so when I finally get my sewing area in our family room I shall make some more. They will all be on sale for $44 at Art in the Park in Redlands next weekend.

Friday afternoon I received a phone call from a lady who wanted a larger raggy baby quilt and as soon as possible because the baby was due any day and she had to send it to New York. Instead of the normal 7 x 7 rows, approx 35 inches square, I made it 9 x 9. made 1/2 inch instead of 5/8th inch seams so its about 45 inches square. Not quite the four feet she asked for but a lovely size and will last a long time. Thankfully I had only started putting away my flannel and most of the fabrics I used were pre-cut – so 5 hours later it was done and finished. Hopefully the lady will like it and it will be on its way to New York this week.

Now I need to make a few more bracelets and pendants. I experimented with another idea I saw and was pleased with the result. I thought it would be fun to make miniature earrings to match and they are almost finished.


Brown button pendant, with a button fastening, threaded with waxed cotton, approx 2 inches long.

Its surprising how heavy the pendant is! I went through my button box to make this but I did buy a large JHB fancy button for the centre and a couple of metal buttons.

It would be nice to kick back and do nothing this weekend but button jewelry needs making. There is an open house next door tomorrow and my front garden needs some attention and now its time to tidy up the fabric and get the house sort of tidy for next weekend. I wonder what my boys will think of as a suitable Mother’s Day presents – will they even remember?

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