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Look what I found – a Christmas quilt!

May 20, 2009

While looking for some fun photos for a birthday card I came across the picture of me and one of my early raggy Christmas quilts. The cd was labeled Feb-Aug 03 so this must have been one of the first quilts ready to donate to the boys PTA as a fund raiser. The first year we made the quilt the small quilt group I belonged to donated fabrics and time and we made about $700 for the PTA. The following 5 years we were kindly given the seed money for the quilt and  donated our time – about 25 hours to cut, make and snip. Last year I made one of these quilts for the Music Department, of the boys middle school, who kindly funded the materials, and we raised about $375.Copy of July 2069

Since this quilt, I’ve made many more for family and friends. I’ve also made lap throws with no batting in to sell for $200 -they’re lighter and take less time, no X’s or batting and still look lovely. All the green and red squares have a different fabric or picture on it. The top is made from all the fabulous Christmas cottons and the back is flannel in the same colour scheme as the front.

But not content with the full size quilt, I stared making miniature versions with 3 and 4 inch squares as wall hangings which I also sell  and give to family and friends for Christmas presents.

One Christmas I made three similar ones, 2 for my sisters and one for myself, now we discuss when we’re getting our quilts out and we are linked in a small way over the miles at Christmas.

But then I have an idea with the Christmas blue fabric… we’ll see!

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