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May 29, 2009

I proud to say I watched my eldest son Will receive The National Director’s Award for Band tonight at school. A justified reward for 3 years hard work learning to play the tuba and sousaphone. He was one of three chosen from the Advanced Band for this award. Congratulations to the other children in the music department who also won this award in the other music groups and for everyone who won prizes tonight.

I love the end of year concert because the children have all grown so much and improved in their playing skills since the Christmas Concert. Each child should be proud to be there tonight and we as parents should be proud of their achievements.


I’ve been to several concerts this year and at least one person has stood up and thanked the parents for supporting their children by encouraging them to play, doing the rehearsal trips (in our case a good 100 mile round trip to Anaheim for All Southern California Symphonic Orchestra) and attending the concerts. Cuts in money are sweeping across the board, teacher’s are losing jobs, money is disappearing for extra curricular activities such as marching band. It’s up to us as parents to continue supporting our kids and doing what we all can, even in  small ways, to ensure programs such as music can continue. The world would be a sadder place without it.

Once again congratulations Will and all the other children who won awards tonight.

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