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The house warming tea cozy

June 4, 2009

At the end of 1999 my local Hancock fabric store  had a “Millennium Quilt” hanging over the cutting table. Innocently, I asked what a “Millennium Quilt” was … 1000 different 2.5 inch squares sewn together. “Wow,” I breathed in awe.

New Year’s Eve my brother-in-law proposed to his girlfriend and a little idea popped into my head. Yes! You guessed. Eight months later I had cut over 1000 squares and made my own millennium quilt. Sadly the photos aren’t digital and need to be found before I can post one.

I had a more than a shoe box full of left over 2.5 inch squares! So I experimented with making a tea cozy using up the precut squares. Over the next few years friends and family had tea cozies for birthday, house warming and wedding pressies. I even found myself cutting squares to supplement those in the box. By the time I’d made about 20 tea cozies I had tea cozy burn out and had used up the squares.

Last Tuesday I was going to visit my friend Nadia in her new house. I wasn’t sure what to take her. Then I remembered the tea cozies and as I hadn’t made one for a while I thought it would be a fun project. It was – but it took longer than I thought, 6 hours from start to finish – doesn’t it always?  I had to cut 70 x 2.5 inch squares! I’m pleased to say I only used fabrics from my stash.



Sorry, they are not the best photos cos I took them with my phone camera. Most of the squares are cute Mary Engelbreit fabrics. The lining? Oh that was a left over piece of Easter fabric that had missing 2.5 inch squares that had been used for the quilt!

Welcome to your new house Nadia, and thank you for inspiring me to revisit an old idea.

P.S. Congratulations Rosie and Robbie on the safe arrival of baby Sabrina Rose.

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