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Rosie’s bag

June 8, 2009

Yeah, its finally finished after 2 and a bit years.


The pattern came from a Jo-Ann knitted bag book and it was the second bag pattern I knitted once I learnt American pattern jargon! (Have I finished the first bag? No I didn’t like the yarn I was using for the handle so I’m now stuck with bag and no handle!) The differences aren’t that great but some of the stitches have different names or abbreviations which were initially confusing and some of the techniques are different but now I consider myself bilingual!

Completed bag IMG_1293

Regardless, I fell in love with this pattern. It was challenging with different stitch patterns incorporated in the overall pattern and the idea that it was three dimensional – four diamonds to knit separately was exciting. But I have to confess to cheating because I crocheted the sides together because the cotton yarn was heavy. Then once I had two sides together I realized the bag really did need to be lined

Finished bag showing the lining

& the button inner flap.

Then it was the weekend of Rosie’s baby shower and I thought I would finish it as a surprise pressie for her because she already had my raggy yellow scrap bag quilt! Well it was a surprise for me because it took longer than I thought to put the bag and lining together – I was sitting in the waiting room while she had her c- section crocheting the final seams together. But after consulting her on the length of the handle I am thrilled to say its really done! Now I have the one I knitted for myself to finish – oh just crochet the seams and make the lining!

Rosies bag finished

In this photo I’m trying to show the three main patterns –the bobbles top and bottom, the lacy section at the top and the linear lacy pattern that sticks out at the bottom. Each diamond panel was approx. 24 inches long and 20 inches wide! I’m biased I think its lovely and yes I would contemplate knitting it again but I would love to use a thinner yarn something like linen or a fine bamboo.

How long did it take from start to finish? About 8 to 9 hours. Would I sell it? I’m not sure. There is the cost of the yarn, the lining and then my time. Its more fun to make one and give it away as a pressie. I know she’ll enjoy it!

And today? It was back to button jewelry – the deadline for Art for Heaven’s Sake is coming up and I’d like to submit an application, I need three nice photos and Candy said she’d help. Thank goodness for Candy.

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