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Our veggie garden

June 14, 2009

In previous years we’ve always grown about three tomato plants, a bell pepper which has now 4 years old and still producing red peppers, and for the last couple of years we’ve had a zucchini/ courgette/Italian squash (call it what you will). This year I had grand ideas for the small bed by our pool… hey lets turn it into a paved seating area with a swing or something!

Boy did I get it wrong! Inspired by the English Channel 4 series River Cottage with Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall my husband suggested we make it a vegetable plot and see what we could grow.


This was the beginning of April! Left to right: zucchini far left at the front with a sick looking butternut squash behind it (” it will die!” said Geraint) in the middle are siz assorted coloured bell peppers, then against the wooden blocks are are two tomatoes and in the front a cucumber. I planted a pumpkin plant in the rough patch against the house. We thought there would be loads of room so we put in one more tomato and then in a separate bed we put in two more tomatoes, some sprouted garlic to see what would happen, some chives, a sprouted red onion and some corn.

May: Logan Matt and Liam are standing by the er “triffid” for those of you who read Day of the Triffids by John Wyndham (1951) or who saw the movie.

IMG00953 The butternut squash pulled through and by then 4 of the 6 bell peppers had survived our dog’s short cut through the garden!

June 14th:IMG_1304

It really is a triffid standing at least 4ft high and that across. Yes, we are harvesting good sized zucchini. We forgot one and that weighed in at 7lb! It is also blocking one of the bell peppers so I might cut a few leaves off!



We were in danger of losing the ladder to the tomatoes so we rescued it!  Then we added additional stakes for supports and I

think they’ll do better. As we tied them up I noticed loads of baby cherry

tomatoes coming! You can just the the additional sticks behind the cucumber plant which needed extra support as well so its now become a trellis of string and stakes! I picked 2 cucumbers today there are two more almost ready for picking and more to come! We have cherry, grape, big boy and a couple of heat tolerant varieties tomatoes to see how they fair.

What did we do to the ground? Geraint and Matt, with some help from Logan, dug it over, then they dug in 2 bags of steer manure and we water it daily. We covered the ground in old weed mat and covered that with two bags of bark chips from Wal-Mart. Thus keeping the weeds at bay!

I forgot – the dying butternut squash pulled through and is threatening to come in our bathroom window!IMG_1307

It has a 6 inch fruit coming and at least three more smaller ones. The pumpkin isn’t doing so well but I’m sure it will catch up!

I’m thrilled to say the Obama’s have turned part of the Whitehouse garden into a veggie plot and the Queen’s head gardener has also made a much larger veggie plot in the gardens of Buckingham Palace!  We watched the first of the new River Cottage series and think we could find some room for a small crop of peas! Do you remember shell peas for lunch and eating a few as you did it?

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