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Sandcastles, Mission Beach, San Diego

June 24, 2009

Matt and I went to visit my friend Teri for a short visit. It was great, her house is lovely, the beach was fab and I’d move there tomorrow! It was chilly this morning I had to wear a sweat shirt till lunch time… BLISS. The Inland Empire is really starting its summer warm up and sweat shirts are a thing of the past!


Aren’t they great? It’s what summer holidays are all about – beach art. Perhaps the bird is admiring its handiwork! The castles drew lots of attention and were photographed by several people as I watched Matt on his boogie board.

No whales or dolphins, just gulls and pelicans and loads of people enjoying the sea and sunshine.


Matt oblivious on his boogie board to some of the big waves yesterday. The surfers were having a great time as well as Matt!


“The waves are great Mum!”

Today we went to look at a few antique shops.  Matt found them fascinating – toy cars, 50’s car magazines, memorabilia, and the Lionel train set… a mere $950 for the set. No fancy Bakelite buttons sadly, they were already made up into jewelry. Still it was fun. Matt and I went back to the beach and on our way back to the house I saw an Anna’s Humming Bird. I still think they are exotic and we’ve been here eleven years.


And then I spotted the black and white bird of paradise plants. Oops, sorry Dad, I didn’t realize they got to about 12ft tall…


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