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A chilly week camping

July 9, 2009

Its hard to believe this time last week Matt and I were camping and wrapped up warm in the evenings in our fleece! The coast was cool and overcast in the mornings and finally warmed up mid afternoon only to cool off quickly at sunset. When we went inland a few miles the sun shone and we got sunburnt! Having said that Matt went boogie boarding one day but the sea was cold.IMG_1031

Can you hear him screaming?

We got to see the dolphins feeding and playing as usual.


I’m always slightly disappointed that they don’t do those “natural” antics that you see in Sea World such as jumping out of the water but hey we saw them in the wild!

Matt and some of his friends did a couple of Junior Ranger activities. On the walk they saw dolphins, seals, a sea otter and pelicans! I wish I’d gone with them!

I caught up with David, a friend from the Redlands writing group after visiting Solvang – Denmark in Southern California.


IMG_1069Matt & Stan

by one of the many

windmills in Solvang.

Not quite the changing of the guard!


The Amtrak at Surf Beach, by Vandenberg Air Force base. A nice couple introduced Matt to hunting for pennies squashed by trains! They gave him one and we found one each! We left one to be squashed for someone else to find. Oh, the excitement!

Later in the week we had a couple of really nice sunsets. That thick grey could on the horizon was heading our way! It was bringing in cold misty weather for the evening but the clouds were reflecting the sunset onto the sea, giving that lovely soft pink light.IMG_1058

On our second night, when we were all in the bathrooms cleaning our teeth we had an unexpected visitor!


Oh yes, we do know better but we forgot to take the trash with us! Matt crept in the back of Saskia’s tent and zipped the front door closed and we waited and waited… but that skunk was not leaving the bag!

Finally, about 10 minutes laterIMG_1042 it emerged. Well fed and innocent looking!

And that skunk came back to visit EVERY night! We’d all be sitting around the camp fire trying to ignore it and its friend! I’ve seen the skunks around most times I’ve camped there either in the camp sites or down by the beach but I’ve never seen them so blatantly seeking food while people are sitting around watching them! Fortunately, they didn’t christen any of us! Oh and there was the raccoon who took advantage of my poorly shut plastic camping bin who found my precious breakfast cereal and raisin! Glad someone enjoyed them! Matt thought he was cute!

On our last day I took Matt and Stan and some friends and their son over to Jalama Beach. It is 14 miles from PCH1 along a narrow, twisty road. It was mentioned in an article in Sunset Magazine as being one of Santa Barbara’s secret treasures and it is lovely. Long beaches – ideal for beach combing and walking in the sea walking on the beach as tiring as walking on the streets. We found interesting rocks, possibly some brown jasper, shells including a sand dollar, and different types of crabs.IMG_1088 Ooh and a small cave.

There were other people there honestly! Its a county campsite so you can’t book sites otherwise we would holiday there, its so lovely. I do recommend the Jalama burger. Matt enjoyed his and I liked my salmon burger.


Looking at the photos I wish I was still there. We returned to Redlands in time to take Will to two 4th July Parades, one in Highland and one in Redlands. I stayed for the afternoon parade, hiding under the trees for shade, longing for the cool beach temperatures because it was 100f and summer is here!

Lastly and sadly no great button finds but some interesting cotton yarn to knit into a funky bag while sitting at Tae Kwondo in the Fall!

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