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Art For Heaven’s Sake

July 21, 2009

This annual local art show is a three day event from 16th – 18th October. It attracts artists from the local community and further away. There are somewhere between 50-60 artists in attendance over the weekend. It is held in the beautiful grounds and gardens of the Redlands United Church of Christ and the money raised goes to the community and supports art. Last year the Redlands Jazz Kids,  including Will played there. If you go to the photo album on their web site #43 Will holding his tuba, sitting next to Candy’s son, Liam, who plays the trombone. Candy and Adele will be at the event along with other artist friends.

We had to send photos with our application:more afhs 009

In this photo I have a vintage mother of pearl bracelet and modern shell button with beads bracelet ($47 ). Draped over the shell is a glass pendant with a beaded crochet cord with a button fastening. Then there are 2 mother of pearl buttons pendants with glass bead, crochet cord finished with buttons. The middle pendent is mainly vintage buttons and the one on the far right is a mix of vintage and modern buttons.

more afhs 001

In this photo left to right modern button bracelet that I was thinking of calling “fruit drops”, next to it is a flower button bracelet, then there is a pair of hair grips decorated with pale blue buttons & beads, and the daisy hair grips ($5 each). There is the stacked “chocolate surprise” button earrings ($24). Then there are two beaded knitted wire bracelets finished with buttons ($33). I knitted the cord for the blue glass pendant ($47). The knitted red wire with coral chips is a necklace.

silk tie purses

These are some of the silk purses from recycled men’s silk ties that I’ve created. I have some more fun ties that need to be finished and will be available for sale at the show ($24 each  size varies depending on the size of the tie).

I will also have some mini Christmas wall hangings, raggy throws and baby quilts. Phew, its exhausting just thinking about how much I have to do… Perhaps I’ll make myself a list like Candy does with target dates. That will motivate me to get projects done. I will also try to sort myself out a real work space but its currently too hot to work upstairs in the afternoon but that shouldn’t  stop me making jewelry downstairs.

So I guess my list would be something like this:

2 full sized Christmas Tree throws (1 for a wedding present)

1 full sized Christmas tree quilt for mid October for a wedding present

6 x 4” square Christmas tree wall hangings

6 x 3” square Christmas tree wall hangings

assorted shell button bracelets modern and vintage mother of pearl buttons

assorted fruit drop style bracelets – modern and vintage buttons

vintage shell button pendants

glass pendants

assorted button pendants

assorted earrings – beaded mother of pearl, stacked type and any other type that takes my fancy

button hair grips

knitted wire necklaces with beads/buttons

button and wire Christmas tree decorations or it could be a Christmas pendant. (no photo but I have made a prototype. I am going to ask my long suffering dear heart to create a table  sized Victorian style tree from wood and then paint it green so I can hang these cute decorations!)

20 silk tie purses

I have three months before the show….

So my target for the end of August should be:

2 Christmas lap throws done

Christmas quilt cut, top, back and batting ready to sew.

6 Christmas wall hangings finished 6 ready to sew

Silk tie purses… 20 sewn into purses ready to have the beaded finished

I also need to make some Bizzi Lizzi silk tags for the ties as well.

Then as much jewelry as I can possibly make…. I’ll keep a running total of what I’ve made and finished. I already have some pendants that need fastenings.

Now I do have some Christmas fabric pre-cut into 7 inch cotton squares but I reckon a lap throw takes approx. 20 hrs to make; a full quilt takes approx 25 hours. The mini wall hangings take approx 5-6hours each. They might only have small squares of fabric but I still to need to cut 260 squares before I can make the wall hanging. And then they all need to be snipped and that is where my dear friend Janet lends a hand and snips most of them for me!

Phew, I’m exhausted by making the list, let alone making it all!

Oh, then there is the housework… naaaa! Oh then I had an idea to dye some silk ribbon that’s sat around for years so that I could make an alternative cord with that… ooh Candy is back mid week so I’ll be visiting her soon and we can make some magic together.

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