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Will off to music camp

July 27, 2009

bear cabin

Wildwood music camp is being held at Camp Cedar Falls this week. Will is one of 38 children attending the camp. He is sleeping in Bear Cabin, down in the woods, at the bottom of the hill…He should get quite a bit of exercise walking up and down to the hall for music lessons! We squeezed into the car with Anne & Andy, Lydia & Claudia, and all the gear, including a trombone, trumpet and tuba, they needed for a week away and there was just room for me and Will with the tuba between us!  Thank goodness for the new Ford Flex.

Sleeping arrangements are basic!Will bottom bunkI hope Will manages to fit into this and I did wonder afterwards if I should have packed sheets for him! Not that the space would be any longer! But it was warm up there and it might have been more comfortable at night.

Will Cedar Falls CampRegistered and waiting to get the tuba – so cute, so grown up looking now and hard to belief he’s not 15 till Christmas.

ok Will with the full size REV tuba warming up before he auditions for his “seat” – apparently he hit the low notes well. I think there are two other tuba players there this week. We saw a girl warming up and she was playing a three quarter sized one, like Will’s previous one, and it looked so tiny!

This is a private camp, he got a scholarship for playing in all Southern Symphonic Orchestra back in January. They reckon he should get 30 hours playing time this week, about a 1/4 of a years worth of playing time! He also gets the chance to play some jazz as well. There is a concert on Wednesday night and I might go with Anne and Andy if they go. There is another concert on Saturday night and again on Sunday afternoon when we go up to collect them.

He told me I could write to him… perhaps I will. Its a long time to be away from home and I bet he is missing his computer already! Perhaps I should take a photo of it and include it in his letter…. ah!

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