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Catching up with old friends

August 7, 2009

Its been such a busy summer and one of the highlights was a day at Sea World and another visit with Teri in San Diego. I invited Susanna to join Matt and myself for the day and we met up in the dolphin soak zone with old friends, Melissa and Jamie, whom I met all those years ago in Newfoundland when we were all part of the graduate Folklore program. I took Matt because he and Melissa’s eldest son Andrew are the same age. They had a great day hanging out and renewing a friendship from several years ago.,

I’ve tried to photograph the wild dolphins and whales but at Sea World these amazing creatures are so close up – especially in the soak zone! For me the wow factor never rubs off.


I bet this brings back lots of memories for my sister and her family… There is this moment when you realize you are going to get wet in the soak zone…and this time Matt and Andrew were drenched! Melissa, Jamie, Susanna and myself were “safely” sitting in the middle of the soak zone, behind the platform thinking we’d be fine…

IMG_1348See that innocent looking tail? I got  soaked and they escaped!


The dolphins showing us mere mortals how high they can jump.

I skipped the Atlantis ride but everyone else did it! I was more than happy to watch the bags… the one thing the strollers are good for.


Matt and Andrew took the front row, Alex and Jamie, Melissa and Susanna, sat behind. They were all wet. If the lines hadn’t been so long I’m sure they would have gone back again. It was sad saying goodbye after such a fun day. But Matt and I went back for the last Shamu show of the day and the fireworks. Wow, the atmosphere was fantastic, the music was fun and everyone enjoyed themselves. I only wish Melissa and her family could have stayed.


Loads of people had these blue lights and people were doing the wave to the music and stamping their feet in time to Queen, “We will rock you”. The show was great, Matt and I decided to skip the soak zone this time and sat up the back and enjoyed the show. I hope this brings back memories Sarah, Pip, Flo, and Ro!

There was a little post script to our fun day. I found my way back to Teri’s house ok. we were sitting quietly sipping a drink when we heard a police helicopter circling over head. Then we heard someone telling everyone to get off the beach! To our horror there was a fire, fortunately not on the old rollercoaster in Mission Bay but in a room behind the dance hall. I don’t think anyone was hurt but it certainly made a dramatic end to the day.

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  1. August 8, 2009 6:06 pm

    Sounds like you had a blast. Good to hear. Or read, as the case may be. 🙂

  2. bizzilizzi permalink*
    August 9, 2009 7:17 am

    We did, David. I was shattered and wished Geraint was there to drive us home! I didn’t mean to belittle the other friends I caught up with over the summer, it was great to see everyone. I just hadn’t seen Melissa and family for 6 years!

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