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Bucket hat for Will!

August 10, 2009

Last week Will got badly sun burnt at marching band camp, including his head. I decided to buy him a cap/hat because he will be out in the sun again this week – to no avail. He has a large head and what fits me or is big for me is way tooo small for him. Yesterday, I came home with 2 I thought might fit! WRONG!

So I did a Google search, as one does these days, for a free bucket hat pattern. came up with a bucket hat pattern for a woman!

I decided I could adapt it, even though Geraint protested it would take more than an hour. I printed off the simple pattern and sewing instructions and made a prototype in muslin to see what I needed to tweek, other than add an extra 4 inches!IMG_1499

Back view of the prototype

I offered to make the hat either denim (recycled old jeans) or some funky red Hawaiian shirt cotton from my stash…. yup he chose the Hawaiian Shirt fabric!

Now I’ve never made a hat before. I had to lengthen the brim and the crown, shorten the depth of the crown and lengthen the depth of the brim and I enlarged the top! I had no fusible interfacing handy, couldn’t find the fusible batting so I opted for warm and natural.

I cut two hats, made one up completely, the sewing instructions were great. Then I sewed the top of the hats together sandwiching  the batting, attached the crown and batting. I then sewed the brim edges together with the batting in between, trimmed the batting back to the sewing line and turned it right side out and top stitched the edge.

This left the exciting part sewing the middle seam together inside out as far as possible, leaving a small hole to pull it all through. It was fiddly but I managed it!


It’s not perfect, but he loves it and wore it round the house last night and has left for school wearing it. Needless to say he has suggestions for a revamped design for the second one! I think one’s enough! My fear is the 4 other tuba players will want a matching one!

P.S. Walking up date: I lapsed after such a good start, but intend to resume because the boys are back at school and after only 3 weeks my knees were feeling better and I want to finish the book.

To do list up date: Its been too hectic to sew so I’ve been making earrings… trying to make a production line so I end up with several pairs to finish at once…I now have 4 bracelets to finish and at least 6 pairs of earrings. Sewing and quilting before the boys go back to school is a bit ambitious!

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