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Back walking again!

September 9, 2009

I have to confess with summer school ending, the heat kicking in and the fires affecting the air quality I stopped walking Mei. But the boys are back at school, the air quality has improved and then the doctor muttered something about bad cholesterol and raised blood sugar so Mei and I are back to walking in the mornings.

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Today was lovely – the sun was shining, the sky was blue with what looked a few puffs of white “dragon smoke” type clouds over the mountains and it was COOL! I put my audio book on and off we went with Mei leading the way. She was so thrilled she had to stop and pee at all her favourite bushes and trees!

It also gave me a chance to reflect on my “To Do List” for Art For Heaven’s Sake”….Sadly its not nearly as complete as I wanted it to be at this point!

Made and finished: 5 baby quilts – I know they weren’t even on the list but I went to check them and found I only had a couple of “girlie” quilts and no neutrals, so I made 3 girlie ones and 2 neutrals.

Bracelets: 15 x7.25” made (just need the ends trimming)

3 x 8” made (need trimming)

5 sets of buttons for the larger bracelets sorted and ready to glue (need to order the larger sized bracelets)

Pendants: 6 made ready for finishing

earrings: 6 made ready for finishing

hair grips:%

Christmas decoration 0%

Silk purses: 100% -20 purses made BUT need to be beaded but that shouldn’t take too long, (its the making and sewing in all the ends that takes the time.)

Christmas quilts 0% as Candy would put it!

BUT I have been shopping for some new fabrics just to intersperse with the ones I already have. A quick trip to M & L fabrics yesterday provided a few extras.

Table cloth: well I wasn’t sure what I would need but found some cool black taffeta type fabric and it just needs hemming. ( I noticed this wasn’t on the original list!)

packaging: 100% : I decided to bite the bullet and buy some bracelet boxes and some cute paper carrier bags from recycled paper. The boxes are plain white bottom with a brown top and the bags are brown with a fun “newspaper” type print over it.

business cards: 0% should I buy “moo cards” – slim narrow style that I love or make my own from the business card stock that I’ve I bought reduced? Time is running out and Will has offered to help so I’m going to make my own and think about “moo cards” for next time.

Table and display: 0% I need to borrow a table and purchase some simple lamps but that can wait a couple of weeks.

My target for the week is to get the table cloth made and start sorting Christmas fabrics ready for cutting. I am sure there’s more than enough fabrics now and so no excuse I must cut and sew….I guess getting the dining room table sorted would also help.

On top of all this marching band season is in FULL SWING. Will practices 4 times a week and Matt twice a week with a couple of extra Saturdays.

Will’s first football match field show is this Friday night! So I said I’d go and I’ll take some knitting and knit some wire bracelets as I haven’t made any for a while and I just love them.

Am I panicking… YES, writing group next week as well no chapter written but a load of ideas and Open House/meet will’s teachers next Thursday…

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