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Marching band season is in full swing.

September 13, 2009

The boys have been back at school for 4 weeks now and Will has been doing a minimum of 10 hours marching band practice a week and its starting to show! By Christmas there wont be much left of him?! I spent Wednesday seeking “under armour”… Yes, I looked blank when I heard of it. But its special fabric that wicks the perspiration away from the body and keeps the body cool and dry. I cheated and bought the real stuff in shorts and the Target version as a t-shirt. The shorts were great but the top wasn’t so good. But no more chaffed thighs hopefully.


Now don’t ask me about American football – all I know is its slow compared to soccer and rugby! At the slightest thing everyone stopped! Oh well, I’m sure people understand the game but it was the longest 3 minutes of my life waiting for half time. I promised Will I would watch his first performance. As a doting mother all I can say he looked great in his uniform. He didn’t fall over (which I was dreading), got to the right place at the right time and the rest of the band were good as well. I said the next game I’d go is the one when Matt plays as well so I can see them both on the same game and that’s me done for the season.


Open House at Moore. The marching band’s first performance. The baritone sax is huge and weighs a ton but Matt survives.

Looking at their schedules its going to be a long and busy season that clashes with my three art shows – it will take some juggling.

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