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New ideas for earrings

September 13, 2009

My friend Adele, LMB Designs, invited me to join her on a short trip to Ontario Convention Centre to visit a gem show. I’d never been to one before, the housework was calling and so was cutting 7 inch squares so I went.

Oh what pretty stones, were there. I fell in love with some pretty dark rose coloured rubies but they were expensive so I resisted them.

I was intrigued with a dinosaur fossil, on a slate… but how do you know they are real? Even so a 200 million dinosaur would have been cool – I could have called it Ddraig after my dragon but it wasn’t red. Then I noticed some garnets and bought two strings – one set of tiny beads, and a string of bigger ones.

Finally, Adele introduced me to the pearls. I succumbed and bought three strings and now wish I’d bought more. On our way home Adele and I talked about earrings designs and today I got the chance to experiment.IMG_1551

These earrings are double sided. There is a pearl on each side and then a double pearl to finish the drop.


Small mother of pearl buttons, double sided, (glued together) with tiny garnets sewn through, with a larger garnet, and double pearl. I love these. How many different pairs of earrings can I have and wear?


Then I found these buttons in my box. I’m not sure if they are glass or pearl but they have a raised outer edge and a smaller centre which called the larger garnet and then demanded the garnet and double pearl to finish them. Like the others I made them double sided so it wouldn’t matter which way they hung or moved and the creamy white of the buttons enhanced the colour of the garnets.

In all I made 11 pairs of earrings and they’ve joined the growing pile that need to be finished!

I’m hoping the bracelet blanks will arrive this week so I can make some of the larger bracelets. the Redlands Art Association Show changes Friday and I’m going to put in a few of my newer pieces into the show. I hope to have a Halloween bracelet finished by then.

Meanwhile I’ll continue to sort out Christmas fabrics and cut 7″ and 8″ squares and when there are left overs I’ll make 4 ” squares. I’m not sure just how many Christmas quilts large and small I’ll have time to make!

I like sitting at the kitchen table watching TV or something on my computer while cutting squares but its at the wrong angle. My favourite place is the work top by the cooker! So that will encourage me to wash the kitchen floor tomorrow and keep on top of the sides all week.

Perhaps I can sleep tonight without dreaming of pearls!

P.S. I’ve been thinking about my new story while I’m working and walking but haven’t had a chance to write anything. But, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for my friend Lesley who has recently made a submission… good luck.

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