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Mid month check list –4 weeks left to AFHS

September 20, 2009

I’m really beginning to panic and after reading Candy’s blog decided I also should do a mid month check list… it might make me feel better!

Bracelets: 50% done -24 finished  

Pendants: 8 to finish – 12 finished 

earrings: 50% done -15 pairs finished

hair grips:0 %

Christmas decorations: 0 %

Stand for Christmas decorations: 0%

Silk purses: 0% beaded

Christmas quilts: 0%  – Well did start cutting fabric but got side tracked by finishing the jewelry.

Table cloth: 100% -  a bit long on the sides but works fine

packaging: 50% need to sort bags and tissue for earrings though.

business cards: 100% designed and 100 printed! Geraint did them for me. I just need to tweak the text size on the back.

Table and display: 0% I need to borrow a table and purchase some simple lamps but that can still wait a couple of weeks.

Dining room table: chaos.

I guess the conclusion is “getting there!”

Business cards:


Geraint played with this photo of a bracelet in Illustrator…Removing the black background and played with the “artistic” options. I did suggest we changed the colour ink but he said it was fine! The next batch will be better still with new ink!

This is image doesn’t do it justice and the font wouldn’t copy over.

Will flipped about me using the Papyrus type face for the body text but it went well with the B in eccentric standard – see “B” !

So Bizzi Lizzi looks like this Bizzi Lizzi which I rather like. I asked Geraint to change the colour to red as well. I do appreciate what Will did but he has so little time at the moment and is loathe to listen to what I ask for! Geraint knew sort of how to use illustrator! Will was marching from 8 – 3 pm today (20 hrs approx this week) and had no time because I was joining a few fibre and jewelry artists in the RAA for Girls Night Out in downtown Redlands. Sadly we weren’t over run with people but it was fun to visit with the other artists. It made me finish a load of jewelry and consequently helped me stream my production process of making to finishing.

Today is Sunday and I feel like the “need” for housework – lets hope Geraint doesn’t read this comment!

Perhaps tonight I’ll sit down and watch PBS the new “Morse” (I forget his name) and start the silk purses….

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  1. candiedfabrics permalink*
    September 20, 2009 7:50 am

    It’s a very pretty card…to make the font appear you need to make it all outlines, then export the whole card as a .jpg – then you’ll have an easy picture of your card to show off here!

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