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Artist bios now on the Artists For a Cause blog

September 28, 2009

Slowly, Artists For A Cause is coming together with 5 1/2 weeks to go! The paper work is finally coming together and I’m learning more and more about how to use wordpress daily! The artist bios for the show are finally posted.

In the mean time, there is only 18 days left to Art For heaven’s Sake and my panic increases.

Here is a quick up date

Commissioned Christmas quilt:  75% done

Christmas Throw:               25% done…. need to cut greens and sew~!

10 Christmas decorations:      75% done… not sure about them though

20 silk purses:                 0% beaded  – gathering dust!

bracelets:                      1 less – sold one but 5 in progress

pendants:                      6 to finish

earrings:                       15 finished

hairgrips:                       0%

Stand for Decorations           0%

business cards:                  well next 100 still need that “tweak”

packaging:                       50%, still need to purchase lights, borrow table…

Dining room table:               still chaos

Boys band events:               3 last weekend visited 2 – Sorry Matt missed yours

Band rehearsals for Will:          life revolves around them


REVHS, first home game…I don’t understand American football. But the band did well.

IMG_1573Yes he is marching and playing at the same time! Marching sideways and backwards is a new skill and a bit tricky by all accounts, especially with a heavy brass sousaphone but bless him, Will’s getting there even when it was 107 f at the band review on Saturday. REVHS were lucky they were in shorts with a band t-shirt, some of the other schools were in full uniform… they looked great but I felt sorry for them in the hot sun.

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