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Finished the commissioned Christmas quilt

October 1, 2009

Just a brief note, the Christmas quilt is sewn and just needs to be snipped. I’ve had the small boys home from school sick with low grade temperatures, coughs, runny noses and sore throats. My throat has not been great but I’ve sewn all day…while they’ve vegged out and watched movies all day…

I don’t think I have time to make another for the show, even if I just make it as a throw with no batting in, but I still need to make one for my godchild’s wedding present between now and Christmas.



Instead of a red Christmas fabric border I was asked to use wedding fabric… which I did. I also used several Asian fabrics in the tree centre… and the little blocks under the tree are actually presents… know they look weird in the photo but they look ok in the quilt. The top is cotton.


The back is flannel. You can see Will’s feet … poor kid I asked him to stand on the porch and hold it up! Its very heavy – 320  x 7 inch squares + 160 squares of batting…I’ve made it 2 rows wider. In the original pattern the bottom two tree triangles finish in the border but I like the whole tree contained. Hopefully I can pass it to my friend this weekend. Now its back to the list and more panic!

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