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Yeah 2am and 50 bracelets sorted!

October 10, 2009

If I include the wire ones I made my 50, just need to glue the last 3 and trim the ends.

Earrings made 9.5 prs tonite…. where did the other one go?

2 more silk purses finished with either poppers (England) snaps (USA)

Shopping… we have some basics again – toilet rolls, soda, bread, quorn chunks and mince (I so love these veggie alternatives to meat. Its made from micro protein… nicer than soya!) and cheese… Oh and just a few more buttons they were on sale at Jo-ann’s this weekend and I needed a few more big ones so I could make some more stacks!

Matt enjoyed his evening at the Redlands High School football game! The band played at some point in the evening and the kids got to watch the high school field show which he enjoyed!

Will had another practice ready for his first competition tomorrow and got to make a curry for the potluck lunch for the tuba section!

The computer is holding up although the touch pad is overly sensitive and is going to be in big trouble unless it settles down… disconnection springs to mind… I wonder if it HEARD me and took that threat seriously. I mean it…

6 days left Candy…. can you hear me screaming?

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