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5 days to go & only 7 pairs of earrings left to make

October 11, 2009

As well as finishing gluing bracelets yesterday I spent the day making earrings –

_Media Card_BlackBerry_pictures_IMG01243

16 pairs in between running around for Will and shopping!It doesn’t look like much but each button was threaded through, some had to have a smaller second button glued on before I could even start that process and the cute hearts needed to be threaded in a different way which took some working out! I shall have these for sale for $27 at Art For heaven’s Sake. They are approx 2.5 inches long. The little butterfly pair (on the bottom row) I shall sell for $22 a pair. I have two more pairs of these butterflies in a purple colour, I just need to find some beads to go with them.

I need to make 7 more pairs and then I’ll set to and add the findings. I find it easier to make them all first and then finish them.


Sorry, not the best photo but my phone was to hand and I mailed them to myself and it was late. I had enough buttons to make 2 sparkly bracelets in a long and short version and thought matching earrings would be fun.

While I was buried in buttons yesterday a parcel arrived… my friend Melissa had sent fresh Maine blueberry jam… what a treat, our last jar was empty! Imagine my surprise when I opened the box to find ties and buttons added as packing. Thank you so much it was wonderful and I even used 2 of the buttons last night… can you spot them Melissa? Happy birthday, Jamie I hope the cake was scrummy.

Well the house is quiet, I’m thirsty, Mei isn’t so good at making tea, so time to put the kettle on and start on the last 7 pairs before people want me to clear the kitchen table for breakfast!

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