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12 hours to set up time…

October 16, 2009

So its that time…

Earrings all sorted and put on black card, as my sister suggested.  I put a label on the back and ones like these with vintage shell buttons, garnet beads and freshwater pearls were marked in gold pen.IMG_1584Packaging sorted and sticky labels applied.

Baby quilts still need “delinting” and I’ll do that in the morning in the garden.

Then to my relief I found I’d made and completed 15 of the proposed 20 silk purses I planned to make. IMG_1587

They are quite an assortment of ties and they make cute purses. If you notice at the top of the photo there is a small “wire Christmas tree decoration” just to show what it looks like.


To be honest I’m surprised I got everything made… Matt has a confirmed case of H1N1, which he’s almost over and I am sure Will had it two weeks ago just before I went down with a cold. He got over the temperature but felt really wiped out the following week. Poor Matt has a hacking cough – but he was sicker 18 months ago when we went on our Washington road trip.

Well, I hope everyone at the show has a good weekend. The weather promises to be favourable – mid 80’s low 90s which will be lovely. Lets hope its a good weekend.

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