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October 17, 2009

Wow, day 2 is over, I’m shattered. The weather is wonderful, blue skies, bright sunshine and temps just below 100f. Down in the garden under the canopy with the 3 pm sunshine pouring onto the table it was HOT! Hopefully it will be the threatened 10 degrees cooler tomorrow!

Here are a few photos of the stall from opening night….IMG_1589

Karljyn (hope I’ve spelt it right) and myself.


Silk purses hanging from the canopy frame and some on the table, felted bags and hand knitted scarves.


4 of my favourite bracelets. Font row: Modern buttons, but the two large blue buttons are glass.

2nd row from the front is shell and vintage buttons with Labradorite and jet beads.

3rd row: modern shell buttons with Labradorite and jet beads.

4th row vintage black glass with modern buttons and yes, Labradorite and jet beads.


Earrings, crocheted bracelets with simulated pearls and gold coloured buttons (front) and then shell bracelets top right.

IMG_1602 - Copy

“Strawberry licorice” – vintage red button bracelet ($47) stacked with small red buttons & silver coloured beads. Stacked red button earrings ($27) and the knitted wire bracelet bracelet with red and black beads ($33).


Shell, “fruit drop” and flower bracelets ($37).


Pendants: vintage button pendants – white and abalone shell buttons ($47), modern shell pendants ($25)

Some examples of earrings below

Left side: button Christmas tree decorations ($7)IMG_1600

Pendants – glass & metal sea star, glass drop pendants and knitted button necklace.

And there were the raggy flannel receiving quilts ($47)

We had a lovely evening under the stars, serenaded by different musicians throughout the evening & today. It was great meeting the other artists and I hope we have a good day tomorrow. Thanks to everyone who dropped by for a chat or bought something.

P.S. Commiserations to Matt and the rest of the band, they tried hard but didn’t do so well this week. Hope tomorrow goes well at Loma Linda guys.

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  1. candiedfabrics permalink*
    October 18, 2009 8:31 am

    Your displays are looking great! Fingers crossed today brings loads of people!

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