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Happy Anniversary

October 26, 2009

While I took the weekend off from  making quilts for my next show, Artists For A Cause, but I didn’t stop being a Bizzi Lizzi! It was our wedding anniversary on Saturday, we weren’t planning to do anything special, well I did ask if we could “pop” to IKEA for the afternoon, “NO!”

Instead the city gave us a wonderful present. It was free mulch and compost give away on Saturday morning. Every week the city sends round a refuse truck collect to our household yard waste, makes it into compost and mulch . Twice a year the city has a free give away to the residents of Redlands as part of a city wide recycling day.

Wow, if only every city did this! Anne and I took advantage of the offer and took her truck with bins and boxes to get our share of the smelly stuff. Many thanks to all the city employees who work that day, filling the containers and putting them into the back of vans, trucks and cars.

The weather was glorious and the front flower bed was looking very sorry for itself!


The bed was dry, Bermuda grass had taken advantage of my lack of care, the roses were in much need of a haircut, and there were snails hiding in some of the plants. So it was mass eviction for the snails into the recycling bin – I can’t bring myself to actively kill them!

I started at the far end and decided that it was time to take the roses down to the crowns, trim out the dead wood, odd shaped branches, weeded and weeded some more and filled my yard waste bin. Half way along the length of the bed… I started digging in the compost. Geraint fixed the broken irrigation point and put the irrigation on to give the lawn and garden bed a soaking. While he strimmed the tall grass. I mulched the wet end of the bed.

Wow, by the end of the afternoon the bed was done. All the compost was used, half the mulch was gone. Sadly, I had to hack back the lavender it was dead in the middle. I left it a funny shape because there are still some flowers and the bees were busy visiting all afternoon. I only saw one ladybird and apologized to her for taking away all the roses! I did rescue a whole small vase of flowers from the roses.

Sunday I stopped by Home Depot and bought 4 six packs of bedding plants – pansies, Sweet William, stock, and Snap Dragons and planted them all. I think I could do with some more but I’ll wait until the cowslips and primroses are out. IMG_1628

I even dug over the bed under the porch. Planted a new lily, replanted some bulbs and cut back the hydrangea. We are no longer in danger of being invaded by the Triffids.


Geraint also fixed the corroded battery terminals for the “house” part of the RV.

IMG_1616We’d seen the green stuff before but never the delicate brown stuff growing on the terminal. Bless him he cleaned then up while I was gardening. hopefully we can get away for a couple of nights soon.

While we were enjoying the afternoon. Will was gone for the day to a tournament in Norco, congratulations to the band – they made it into the finals, I think they finished 8th. Matt went out with his friend Christian for the afternoon to Kimberly School Halloween Fayre.

Now the big confession. Geraint and I popped out to dinner by ourselves to Tokyo Sushi, (sorry Will if you read this we know you love it there!). Now that was a treat, Redlands Roll for dinner… um, I could eat two but that would be naughty!

Today there was a lizard basking in the sun on one of the posts of the now cleared front garden bed. Sadly Lillie, our tabbie cat, has passed or else it wouldn’t be taking that liberty!

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  1. candiedfabrics permalink*
    October 26, 2009 9:34 pm

    Wow! That looks fabulous – you were a bizzi bee! And happy Anniversary!

    • bizzilizzi permalink*
      October 26, 2009 10:36 pm

      Did you change the password for AFAc? Working in raa with Adelle tomorrow! MIght take my computer with me to show her how to be more computer avie…I can hear you laughing almost the blind leading the lame!

      Yup I worked hard on the front garden our anniversary pressie to us… it so needed it now if only we’d get rain. ANd my kids would listen to me! nite

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