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I still have a “little list”

November 2, 2009

I love Gilbert and Sullivan. My grandfather was a devotee and we would all go and see the annual amateur dramatic society productions. Jimmy Pillow’s Dad played the drums which was cool.

One of my favourite Gilbert and Sullivan operas was the Mikado and I was thrilled to see Jonathan Miller’s production in London many years ago with my sister, Sarah. He’d designed and created an original 1930s style set which was intriguing. The only cast member I remember was a Eric Idle (from Monty Python) as Koko, the Lord High Executioner! Like the many others before and since the lyrics of his “little list” were very funny and topical at the time!


image This image is from the cd on sale through

I guess this is a long winded introduction, but a pleasant memory, because I reviewed my own “little list” last posted mid October, just before Art For Heaven’s Sake! Now we are 12 days away from Artists For a Cause and suddenly I’m panicky again.

business cards – 100% Geraint came to the rescue & retrieved my business cards and labels. Poor Matt was off school sick but he stuck the sticky labels on my bracelet boxes and brown bags.

silk tie purses: – 100% competed by the show. I sold some but haven’t had time to replace them.

Button Christmas Tree decorations: These were a great success at Art for Heaven’s Sake. They looked cute hanging on the small dead branch (from our plum tree) which I used as a stand. I need to find some large green buttons and make some more.

Christmas wall hangings: 0% for Art for Heaven’s Sake BUT I’ve managed to make 2 with 4 inch squares and have found several bags of 3 inches squares which need sorting and could be made into wall hangings.

Christmas Throw – 1 – yes I finished one at the weekend. Some how I didn’t think these throws took long to “whip up” – WRONG! I still have to cut 260 squares, admittedly there isn’t the 130 squares of batting, but the 20 triangular points to the end of the branches are also time consuming because 4 triangles have to be sewn together, trimmed to a 7 inch square and then added to the end of the tree. I would estimate that it took about 16 hours to make and then there is the snipping. Finally, it has to be washed but I take it to the launderette and have breakfast with my friend while it washes. Sorry, no photos yet – I’ll wait until they’re done.

I’m hoping to get the time to make a Christmas throw this year for the music dept to raffle as a small fund raiser at the Christmas concert at the end of the semester.

If I get some time I’d like to make a couple more bracelets and some fun Christmas earrings but we’ll see how it goes!

Now, back to the sewing machine… its a hard task master. Would anyone like a postcard for Artists for a Cause?

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