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Tomorrow’s the day

November 14, 2009

Artists For A Cause is tomorrow. Its been a busy last few days getting quilts and jewelry finished. There were 2 nice write ups in yesterday’s Redlands Daily Facts. We have 14 fabulous artists whose work compliments each other.

I was too tired after accompanying Moore Marching on a brief, win the band tour of Redlands and lunch at Home Town Buffet to zip round and take photos of everyone’s spaces but here are a couple of my stall all set up and ready to go. I’m sharing the dining room with Janet and Fred Edwards.IMG_1688

Raggy baby quilts, Christmas tree wall hangings, my jewelry and the button Christmas trees in the centre of the table. I branched out into all red button and some all white button trees and they look great as well, (yes I will move the white basket under the table in the morning!)


The other side of the table, I had to compromise  on how I hung the two lap throws and the scarves and Linda the fired glass jeweler kindly came up with a creative way to hang the silk purses … bending up white coat hangers! Wow, thanks Linda. Another friend Lesli also kindly jumped up on a chair to clip the lights onto the top of the door so we have some extra light in the room.


The dining room table cunningly disguised with jewelry, felted bags and Christmas button trees.

Wow, its hard to believe I made all that. I’m so tired tonite but I’m off to make a chili for lunch tomorrow and finish the name tags and perhaps grab tea for myself.

ooh looking through the photos I realised I forgot the Christmas tree throw that is out in the hall on its own quilt hanger… Poor love, I’ll get a photo of that tomorrow.

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