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The mountains were lightly kissed with snow this morning

November 28, 2009

When I popped to Albertson’s to get some milk and choc chips to make some scones for a late breakfast, the mountains around us were swathed in dark grey heavy rain clouds and there was snow in some of the deeper crevices. Ah, they looked a bit like my photo at the top. And suddenly the inspiration to get on with the second book is nagging me!

Reviewing my list:

1 Christmas tree throw for the music dept – 3 rows and a star left to finish, then snipping!

1 small wall hanging gift left to make

“travel Christmas stockings” – not originally on any list but an idea to use up some of the tail ends of Christmas ties that are “hanging” around after being made into bags. Will post a photo when a few are finished. The experimental I made at 3 am yesterday morning looked quite good and would make fun pressie holders for nieces etc.

Um a pressie for my mother in law… a secret and I hope to get that done

Then there are Christmas cards and a family photo – have the blank cards and no photo … no Christmas letter either but I’m sure that will come together. I can do cards on the plane ready to post but I need to get Canadian cards done before I leave. Card to Auz to Cousin Lyn… getting there – hope to mail it Monday to her…

Packing… yes we’re going home for Christmas – 0% and16 days left.

In the mean time the garden thought the rain we had this was heavenly and the flowers look so good the silly things.

The house is still in a state of chaos but the boys after MUCH NAGGING AND DIRE THREATS are finally doing something to their bedrooms and they look so much nicer and put mine to shame.

SO back to the sewing machine and hopefully all that needs to be sewn will get done this weekend!

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