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Thrift store finds

January 26, 2010

After almost 3 weeks of a hacking cough (could have been mild bronchitis because Geraint was diagnosed with it) combined with a week of jet lag I’ve started feeling better. Inspired by reading Melody’s post in Fibermania about her thrift store finds, I visited our local Salvation Army store on the way home from Target. All the clothing in the store is $2 a piece this week… 6 shirts later produced a wonderful bonanza of small shell buttons ideal for earrings or stacking for bracelets.

On a roll I stopped at the Goodwill store further down the road and found 4 wonderful ties. A lovely Jerry Garcia tie… I didn’t know until I found my first one that it was the Jerry Garcia of Grateful Dead! A fun Tabasco Pepper tie, a Coco Cola one and the stunning brown one on the end jumped up the rack to join the Garcia tie and I think they’ll turn out to be fun purses.


Left to right: Garcia, Tabasco, Coco Cola, stunning circles

P.S. Its raining again – lets hope there aren’t any mudslides.

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