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February Goals

February 1, 2010

Its Matt’s birthday today he’s officially a teenager!

Having said that a new show at the RAA is 4 days away. Inspired by Candy’s new to do list I thought I should try and make my own for the month!

So taking a deep breath…..

3 birthday gifts                  – finished but not mailed (oops sorry now late but better late than never)

Commissioned raggy quilt  – 25% – back, batting and about 20 squares cut  – deadline mail end of February

Commissioned Xmas quilt  – 10%  – red and green back is cut, can’t decide on cream back, red & green front & batting sorted, deadline above!

RAA take in Friday             – 50% – ooh need new bracelets, finish hearts,

new earrings                     – 100%

smartie bracelet                – 0%

fruit drop bracelet             – 50%

fruit drop stud earrings      – 50%

new designs stud earrings – 0%

hearts for Amy & Anne      – 100% need to mail Amy’s

Hearts for RAA                   -45%

studio space                     – 0%

housework                        – a small New Year resolution to try and keep up with it! Don’t comment!

Studio Space

Ooh now I’ve finally committed myself to paper…

We have a huge upstairs room which we used to use as a family room but the bathroom was too far away for when the boys were small. It needs to be reinvented as a family room, BUT there is space to create a studio work area for me, an office area for Geraint and a built in wardrobe would create storage for my yarn, fabrics and buttons etc. Then I could reclaim space downstairs and have a dining room again. I know I’ve been saying this for years but suddenly the kids are growing up, want friends over to play video games, music etc… and the rest of us have nowhere to hang out!

Now the push is on to get it done… not all in one weekend but as a family project over the coming months…

oh and a photo… well I was temped with the silly photo of Matt that we made into a birthday card… nah its too embarrassing for him. But I can’t resist it cos its so funny poor love…


Geraint took it when we were on the underground…

P.S. Up date blog photos and intro…its been a year!

2 Comments leave one →
  1. Lyn permalink
    February 2, 2010 2:25 am

    Looks as though weariness abounds! (Mum too)

    You’ve certainly set yourself up for a busy month … which reminds me, I took the Christmas tree hanging into work and everyone loved it!

  2. bizzilizzi permalink*
    February 2, 2010 8:05 am

    Yup, had hoped to be well into the two quilts but the chest infection from hell stopped that! I’m glad you liked the wall hanging and it was well received by others surprise pressies are a worry.

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