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Finished prototype valentine heart

February 4, 2010


I think the heart looks really cute. Plastic buttons, seed beads on red hand dyed wool.

I used scraps of 80/20 batting (1 piece heart shaped and then a square piece folded in half on point making it a little puffier).


The reverse side, cream Moda felted wool (thicker than the hand dyed wool). I blanket stitched the two sides together, sewing in the hanging ribbon. I sewed the rose and button on afterwards. The seed beads in the button are the same as those on the front.

I am sending Amy, her “front” and going to give Anne her front ready to put our valentine “picture” together.

Now to make them for the boys and a few extra. For the padded ones I would sew the hearts together and then add the buttons – it might be easier.

I popped into the local Goodwill at lunchtime, and found this cute t shirt. Sadly it doesn’t fit and wouldn’t in my wildest dreams BUT…. the glass beads called to me … all for $2.99. They will be fun with the buttons.


Do you ever wonder what happens to the clothing that doesn’t sell at Goodwill, apparently it goes up for auction in huge lots, and if the clothes don’t sell then it goes to family services. Its nice to know its not wasted.


I’ve not achieved anything on my list yet but the squares for the 2 quilts are progressing well.

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  1. February 4, 2010 8:07 pm

    Ooh! SO cute!

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