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Proposed quilt colour scheme

February 10, 2010

February is racing by and the “to do list” is NOT shrinking!

3 birthday gifts                  – 1 left to mail… need to find address!

Commissioned raggy quilt  – 35% – back &  top cut, 77 sqs of batting tooo cut  – deadline mail end of February

Commissioned Xmas quilt  – 10%  – red and green back is cut, can’t decide on cream back, red & green front & batting sorted, deadline above!

RAA take in Friday             – 100%

new earrings                     – 100%

smartie bracelet                – 0%

fruit drop bracelet             – 50%

fruit drop stud earrings      – 50%

new designs stud earrings – 0%

hearts for Amy & Anne      – 100% Amy’s mailed

Hearts for RAA                   – 100%

housework                        – a small New Year resolution to try and keep up with it! Don’t comment! trying

Studio Space                     0% but oh found a fab mag $16 “Women’s work spaces” didn’t buy it, but so inspirational… may go back! Need to look again for inspiration!

Raggy Quilt.

Everyone talks about the making process…

I need:

81 squares of cotton top and flannel back = 162 x 9” sqs

81 x 7.25” sqs of batting (oops thought they were cut no only 4 ready to go!)

Leaving the question of how to organize 81 different squares of fabrics.

My favourite layout for a raggy quilt is “sunshine & shadows” or the “trip around the world”  pattern.

Which is round of colour on point so it looks like big diamonds.

When I was home my sister, Fi, and I chose some fabrics including some blacks, so I decided to make a feature out of them and go for the main diamond and to then put the lighter shades either side.

Her friend has a lot of yellow and brown… so yellow, pale yellow,and cream with a splash of green will make up the other colours.

At the road to California Quilt Show I saw Clothworks valentine fabric – Cherie by Masha D’yans and fell in love with this whimsical range. There was a red option but I loved the water colour type quality of the white version.

Cherie - Y0381-1 Cherie - Y0384-1

I loved the balloon like hearts and the different poses of girls holding hearts. So Fi I’ve included a whole “diamond”.


So my idea is centre green with monkey

4 – cream back

8 – yellow back

12 – cream back

16 – black (big diamond)

16 – softer yellow

12 – “Cherie”

8 – green

4 – white or cream back ground.

Sorry, Fi got my shadow over the green I was rushing to get the photo before picking up Will and having to clear the fabric off my chopping board (the best height for cutting fabric. Note to self:  in studio, a table with leg extensions so I don’t have to bend over so much!).

I found these cute monkeys and they reminded me of a series of young children’s stories called “Tom and Pippo” by Helen Oxenbury.  My boys loved these stories & their fabulous illustrations. Pippo is a long suffering, much loved toy monkey who goes to the moon, is dragged round the garden, listens to stories and goes to bed with Tom every night. The monkey in this fabric reminded me of Pippo and as monkeys are special to her friend then I had to include some and this one was my favourite – its going in the centre.


Of course my piece of fabric didn’t have the maker’s name or design and the green is greener but all the same its cute and I fussy cut two other monkeys out of the piece.

I hope the colour scheme works for you Fi.

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