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President’s Day – mid-February all ready!

February 15, 2010

Bank Holiday weekend… and its already Monday! The Winterguard Festival at Will’s school Saturday consumed the day – we washed 50 potatoes to get 40 nice sized jacket potatoes, that had to be dried, wrapped in silver foil and cooked for almost 2 hours. Fortunately Geraint suggested we load up a cold oven to we didn’t get burnt loading it up – what a brilliant man.

From 3 – 7.30pm I helped in the concessions area along with several devoted mothers and fathers who had been there for the day cooking and serving food and collecting the money. My four hour stint was nothing. I must also mention the boys and girls from the music dept. who helped serve the concessions. The system worked well with only a few hiccups. I hope the participants enjoyed themselves.

Now for my monthly goals… where am I?

3 birthday gifts                  – 1 left to mail

Commissioned raggy quilt  – 75% – needs snipping & washing – deadline UK 12th March

Commissioned Xmas quilt  – 10%  – oops deadline UK by 4th March!

RAA take in Friday – 100%

new earrings – 100% + I made some more new ones

smartie bracelet                – 0%

fruit drop bracelet             – 50%

fruit drop stud earrings      – 50%

new designs stud earrings – 0%

hearts for Amy & Anne – 100%

Hearts for RAA -100%

Valentine’s Day hearts      -100%

studio space                     – 0%

housework                       – “picking” at it!

Up date blog                     – 0%!

PMC classes                       – um hard to quantify but eagerly awaiting results.

New earrings.. waiting to decide the ear wires I want to use..IMG_1332Shell outer ring and triangle with labradorite and jet beads with glass beads


Shell outer ring, blue beads (Left) with pearls (right) & glass beads.

The raggy quilt is all in one piece just needs to be snipped!


hands and feet free of charge… thanks Will!

Cotton top, cream flannel back with a pattern on it. (9 in squares, 7.25” batting sqs – white warm and natural)

off white Gutermann cotton thread

time: approx 4 hours to cut the fabric… all the 81 sqs on the top are fussy cut.

sewing: approx 8 hours.

snipping…depends how fast I snip several hours in front of tv!

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  1. Lyn permalink
    February 15, 2010 11:33 pm

    Great earrings!

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