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Happy 16th Birthday Florence

March 4, 2010

Wow, I remember visiting when you were about 7 days old and you were totally adorable and now you’ve grown up into a very pretty young woman.

IMG_1833Florence (centre) freezing with her cousins in Sarah’s garden just before Will’s birthday, December 2009

  Oh yes, and those long curly locks are genuine… not that I’m jealous.

So, the to do list….

February finished something like this

3 birthday pressies             1 left to mail (sorry Denise)

Commissioned raggy quilt  – 100% – mailed

Commissioned Xmas quilt  – 100% mailed (fingers crossed it arrives today/tomorrow)

RAA take in Friday             – 100%

new earrings                     – 100%

smartie bracelet                – 0%

fruit drop bracelet             – 100%

fruit drop stud earrings      – 50% (mislaid the studs – sorry Fi!)

new designs stud earrings – 0%

hearts for Amy & Anne      – 100%

Hearts for RAA                   – 100%

housework                        – a small New Year resolution to try and keep up with it! Don’t comment! trying… never ending, 2 steps forward a million back!

Studio Space                     1% I started sorting out the fabric stash

MARCH to do list

cook 20 baked potatoes this morning and get them to Will’s school for the REV FEST in time to hear him play at 11.30am. REV FEST is a huge musical festival for the school district. The kids enjoy performing and its a chance for friends in different schools to hear each others’ bands. BUT REV offers concessions for between 600-700 children and jacket potatoes and chili are part of the menu!

3 birthday pressies           – 1 to make and rest to mail ( including Denise’s)

smartie bracelet               – 0%

fruit drop stud earrings     – 50% finish

design/make some stud earrings

20 bracelets – I have the blanks and 3 shows are coming up April/May see bottom of list.

tie purse for RAA multi media mini show – FINISH FOR SUNDAY take in

silk tie purses – there are about a dozen potential purses calling to me!

Write a bio for the RAA newsletter for the weekend… I am trying to update the bio book and need some new or updated bios from the RAA membership.

Studio space – that’s going to be hard with 2 weeks of Spring Break, perhaps I’ll just work on the fabric stash!

Housework – SPRING CLEAN the bedrooms – hope you are reading small boys! & mine!

A not so surprise pressie for my “ American Rosie”  who is lucky enough to share the same birthday as me.

Get away for a couple of days in my beloved RV with the family and soak up the sea and sand. Not far away, perhaps we should go and explore the Venice Canals down near Long Beach. There was a lovely article about them in a recent Sunset magazine. Perhaps I’ll get to see another whale?

Celebrate “our Spring birthdays” with some friends after the kids are back at school.

Veggie bed – get out there, clear the 2 beds, get some veggies in & watch them grow!

I think that’s enough for the month….

Up coming shows:

April 24th                     – Red Dirt in Ed Hale park, downtown Redlands.

1st weekend May          – Riverside 2 day weekend show

Mother’s Day Weekend – Art in the Park – 2 day show in Smiley Park, downtown Redlands.

Oooh not really a postscript but I think that from reading American Rosie’s Facebook page, my long suffering hubbie and I need a date. Just us, sorry boys….

PS. Freudian slip… forgot the taxes… ring Steve next week!

I’m sure I’ve forgotten something – but not to worry, it will grab me and remind me.

Like up date my photo and the heading picture its almost been a year now!

Is that enough Fay?

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