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Longer days are finally with us

March 4, 2010

Yeah! It wasn’t dark till almost 6.30pm giving me an opportunity to start clearing away last year’s tomato plants, trim back the abundant lavender, think about breaking open the compost heap and starting again and start on the veggie patch. Yes, I want the usuals: toms’, zucchini (courgettes), BUTTERNUT SQUASH (they were delicious must plant more), and PEAS. I watched an English cookery programme River Cottage and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, (just “Hugh” in the family) grew peas last year, made pea soup ummm my mouth waters at the thought!. The last time I saw peas growing I was a kid – they were in our garden and it was so much fun shelling them and eating them raw from the pod! My boys have never done that!

So having leapt into the new month thinking of gardens I thought it should appear on the new to do list. I think I did quite well last month in the end.

Oh gosh Live Writer crashed and the new to do list went out the window…Half and hour of thought gone to the wind… bed time now and a to do list will, be resurrected.

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