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Making the most of the Spring weather

March 15, 2010

Sunday was a glorious day, temps in the high 70s. So I took the opportunity to tackle some gardening, one of the many items on my March to do list! I weeded the long front garden bed, my neighbour took pity on my untidy lawn and gave it a buzz cut – thank you so much Nathan, it looks so much better. So now I have a new task for the to do list… get the lawn mower serviced!

I trimmed back some of the shrubs which had gone wild with all the rain this winter (looking at them today they could do with more), removed the last of the tomato plants and did some more weeding (but there is still more to do especially around the orange tree). We filled our garden trash bin even after Matt “jumped” on it a couple of times to help it settle!

IMG_2264 Geraint roped Will into helping move the compost heap and disturbed a couple of tree rats in the process…no cooked food out in the new compost heap and more green rubbish. Matt & Geraint made a garden sieve and sieved the compost so I have at least a bag of that – which is wonderful.

Geraint also planted a load of veggie seeds, tomatoes, zucchini – long & round variety, snow peas, and some herbs. So like “anxious parents” we are waiting to see what seeds germinate.

In the meantime we are going to carefully lift the weed mat from last year, dig in some steer manure and ready the bed for this years veggies. I am thinking of planting beets in the front garden because their leaves are so decorative and the snails don’t like them!

While I was tending the garden bed I also noticed last year’s Californian Poppy plant had not only survived the winter it had produced loads of new plants. Today the first poppies bloomed! Wow, they looked fabulous in the sunshine this afternoon and there are more to come… Last year they bloomed all through the summer.


As for the rest of the list…The surprise pressie…90% done… and Rosie still has a week to wait for it because I know she’ll be reading this to find out about it!

Geraint and will did a little job in the family room/studio area.

I tinkered around with stud type earrings and think I will make a few pairs.

Oh and the housework despite being never ending a load of that got done over the weekend as well…

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