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New Buttons

March 18, 2010

I ordered some new shell buttons, some were to replenish depleted stock and others were additions which I thought would look good with those I had.

IMG_2269 I laid them all out on a piece of paper photographed them and then printed it. Cut out the tiny button pictures and taped them to these “ex” Gerber baby food containers. Now the buttons are sorted, I know exactly what is in each container just looking at the outside.


IMG_2270For those of you that know me… not a brain storm just a need to be a it more organized and know exactly where things are because I need to get on and make some new bracelets.

And an up date on the surprise pressie for “American Rosie” the birthday girl will just have to wait until her birthday… oooh 6 days away.

Meanwhile the postal service didn’t fail me, the New Zealand quilt arrived today in the UK ready to be incorporated into the packing and is flying off tomorrow for its new home. The other pressies and goodies arrived home safely… thank you Heather and have almost been distributed. Thanks Sarah for posting them on.

AND I now have 4 California Poppies in bloom and more to come… they look fantastic.

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