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March “to do list” check in

March 22, 2010

I really felt like I was doing so well and then Spring break arrived…

MARCH to do list

REV FEST – done BUT the 2nd part commeth  April/May but this time they get an In and Out Burger van at the school… heaven, kids fed by someone else, just a little help is needed, and the band boosters make money!

3 birthday pressies – In the end I caught up on all the Feb. birthday’s and March ones at home – thanks to a friend taking a parcel home and posting it for me. Still have a 3 American March birthday pressies to finish.

smartie bracelet – 100%

fruit drop stud earrings – 100% – I really liked them and will make a few more


Fruit drop stud earrings for Fi…as requested!

IMG_1347 Mother of pearl and rhinestones stud earrings for my niece Florence

– design/make some stud earrings – 75% – I really liked these 2 pairs so I will definitely make more!

20 bracelets – 4 sets of buttons stacked, glued, beaded and ready to make into bracelets… sometimes I like to look at the proposed arrangement for a few days before I finish the final product. I have been known to change my mind as I come to finish a bracelet.

tie purse for RAA multi media mini show – 100%, sold, see previous post for this month.

silk tie purses –0% calling they might be but no time to sit and sew them!

Write a bio for the RAA newsletter – 0% time ran away and Spring break crashed in.

Studio space – 0% in my head had hoped I could get my boys to lend a hand…

SPRING CLEAN the bedrooms – well, Will has cleaned and tidied his twice which is a major improvement! Matt is drowning, refuses to listen to me…some how I will find the energy and gut it!

A not so surprise pressie for my “ American Rosie” – 100%, I’m so excited and can’t wait to give it to her.

Get away for a couple of days in my beloved RV with the family and soak up the sea and sand. – Life happens, I don’t think we can get away mid week so we are planning a desert trip at the end of the week. There is a hot springs resort out near Palm Springs. We’ve decided to go there for a couple of nights. The swimming pools and plunge pools are deliciously warm, you swim under the stars at night (or just lie back and soak in the pools) and then we’ll take a visit to Joshua Tree National Park and possibly go and explore Palm Springs.

Celebrate “our Spring birthdays” with some friends after the kids are back at school.

Veggie bed – Geraint has planted: zucchini round and straight seeds, snap pea seeds, beef tomatoes, basil, and spinach… The peas and round Zucchini are doing so well. In a previous post I mentioned I’d stripped the big veggie bed. Geraint and Mei stripped the mini veggi bed and Mei is still kindly digging in that bed. Geraint assures me it was hoe, raked and ready to for planting…


My three boys making a sieve for the homemade compost.


The sieve – it worked…. I never had any doubts. Thanks boys.

Oh and the New Zealand quilt arrived the day before my sister was due to leave – phew panic over and it now has pride of place in her friend Linda’s kitchen when her daughter Kate isn’t snuggled up in it. Fi rang Saturday afternoon here (already Sunday in NZ) to say they’d arrived safely but were feeling a bit stunned and cooped up after their flight from the UK. Linda said she knew it was a quilt immediately she saw the package come out of Fi’s case and was excited to see what it was like! The bracelets and earrings were a huge hit as well… Belated Happy Birthday Linda.

I’ve just learned about Sew & Tell Fridays! Come see what it’s all about!

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