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Photo of the day…

March 24, 2010

Several blogs I read have a weekly photo for the post of the day. I couldn’t resist this. Sorry Geraint and Will!


What is it? I hear people ask…looks like a computer but with cardboard and what is that metal thing sticking out?

Has Liz gone mad – after all it is her birthday!

No, non of those and Will took the photo! This is our NEW, self built, by Geraint and Will, media computer. Oops, everything was there except the cooling fan! So being enterprising boys they went off to Radio Shack and Best Buy and found a fan and had a delicious Thai lunch on the way home.

Very excited about finishing the build and getting the computer up and running, Will opened the fan box before Geraint had read the instructions. TOO LATE! This fan doesn’t lie flat! It has to be inserted upright! So we now have a media computer, with an upright fan, with a cardboard box lid (because the metal one doesn’t fit (apparently Geraint did think about cutting a hole in the metal lid!)

What no one can see is Will wrote a message on the top of the cardboard telling people not to put anything on it. On top of a 4.5 ft media cabinet…I’m too short to read that!

BUT the computer does work, does all they wanted it to do except the fan is noisy, Geraint’s major complaint about Zion, the deceased media computer!

Bless them, they tried hard and were so chuffed with themselves. Apparently a new fan has been ordered…I wait with baited breath because they like to tell me I’m computer challenged!

P.S. I only sniggered a little bit!

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  1. March 24, 2010 4:10 pm

    Hilarious! So what’s the media computer for?

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