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Where is April going so fast?

April 12, 2010

Geraint is busy pottering in the garden with his seedlings. I’ve lost track of the number of tomatoes that are growing and where he’s planted some zucchini. Only 3 of the 5 pea plants survived the transplant but the weather had something to do with that. In the mean time the California Poppies have gone wild in the front garden and are a beauty to behold. (No time to find the latest photo will post it soon).

With 2 up coming shows this weekend, going to the Ramona Pageant. Saturday afternoon and my friend Teri coming to stay for the night, the week is disappearing fast.

A quick check at the toooo doooo list shows I have achieved a few things but not enough for this up coming weekend.

Order bracelet blanks – 100% and I found an alternative supplier and I could try making my own!

make 20 bracelets – 3/10th (don’t ask me to make a percentage out of that!) 1 made, 5 ready to finish

make some more stud earrings – er well made 3 drop earrings

business cards – hopefully I’ll have enough for the weekend.

make postcards – no time but I do have postcards.

collect Red Dirt poster/postcards distribute – 100%

taxes – 100%

Spring clean (urgent) 25% & not looking good, panic attack building

plant out the veggies – Up to Geraint at this point!

Studios space – I know Geraint and Will went up there at the weekend

silk tie purses – no new ones sob sob but there are few to finish.

Write a demo bio for the RAA newsletter – wrote a “formula” – still need to do mine

Sort out canvas bags for RAA – 50 % getting there hoping to have them for sale at Art in the Park Mother’s Day weekend. (fingers crossed it all comes together)

So I think that’s enough for the rest of the month perhaps with a bonus of a tidy house as well.

a reminder of the shows and dates:

This weekend:

Saturday 17th – (morning only) Orange Muffin Festival, Plymouth Village, Palm, Redlands.

Sunday 18th    – (lunchtime/afternoon) Fund raiser for Mother’s Day prison bus trip @ Redlands United Church of Christ, where Art For Heaven’s Sake is held in October. Just a small show but lets hope we raise some money for the bus so children can visit their parents either on Mother’s Day or Father’s Day.

Then there is Red Dirt in Downtown Redlands, at the Ed Hale Park. I’ll be next to Candy on Saturday 24th – Red Dirt, along with the Saturday farmer’s market.

Hopefully I’ll see you there.

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