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Mid month check in

April 16, 2010

Its going to be a busy weekend, no question about that. Tidying up I found the suntan lotion… and its going to be warm out at Hemet for the Ramona Pageant.

As for the rest of the list it looks much better… perhaps I was a bit too ambitious?!

make 20 bracelets – I made 12 in the end (and sold one!)

make stud earrings – I made one more pair & 3 drop earrings (see below)

rings??? – I ordered sterling silver ring blanks, and have made 4 rings and I love them.

business cards – hopefully I’ll have enough for the weekend.

make postcards – no time but I do have postcards.

collect Red Dirt poster/postcards distribute – 100%

taxes – 100%

Spring clean (urgent) 75% – looks better, filled up the bins this week..

plant out the veggies – Up to Geraint at this point!

Studios space – I know Geraint and Will went up there at the weekend

silk tie purses – no new ones sob sob but there are few to finish.

Write a demo bio for the RAA newsletter – wrote a “formula” – still need to do mine

Sort out canvas bags for RAA for sale at Art in the Park Mother’s Day weekend. – Bags ordered & paid for, quote from printer, now waiting for the bags  a design.

I promised  Fay I’d post the photos so here they are…


Stud shell earrings with fresh water pearls (approx 1 “ sq, set on point).


5 prs of stud earrings, on cream vintage buttons, grey vintage buttons and regular shell buttons with freshwater pearl, turquoise and garnet decorations.


Shell rings with freshwater pearl & seed beads.


Shell ring with small coin freshwater pearls & seed beads


4 more shell brooch/pendants. mosaic with vintage buttons & a sapphire, then three vintage button stacks with turquoise, garnet & emerald toppings!



Shell circles with cream freshwater pearls & seed beads.










Vintage mother of pearl buttons with emeralds

as stud earrings & ring


IMG_1540 I love this shell buttons in this bracelet with freshwater pearls.

IMG_1542A variation of the navy button bracelet with freshwater pearls. (not a good photo sorry)

IMG_1544A variation on the grey shell buttons with freshwater pearls


That’s it tonight, its late and an early start…

Geraint and the boys will finish the vacuuming tomorrow (they promised) 

Wishing everyone a good good weekend.

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