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The end of a long weekend

April 18, 2010

It was long but a lovely weekend, two shows, and the Ramona Pageant.

Orange Muffin Festival, Plymouth Village, Redlands


My stall… I’m on the phone to my sister in the UK discovering that my sister in New Zealand is having an enforced extension to her holiday.. until early May thanks to the volcano in Iceland.

On The Bus (today)

Busapalooza 10 (8)

I thought this was a great cause to get involved with. They are trying to raise $7000 to fund a bus that will take children on Mother’s Day to a local correctional centre. The ages of the children range from 1 to 27. Mother’s can apply for their children to be included on the bus. The local coordinator for the charity said they have to pay for a bus, insurance, lunch for the children, a t-shirt and a few other things. Its not the children’s fault their mother’s are there, but its good to maintain that relationship (it might the child’s only visit in the whole year) because hopefully their mother will be released soon. (As an aside I was surprised to earn from the TV news that some of women in prison volunteer to become part of the incredible fire crews that go and fight the terrible wildfires that we get here in Southern California).

The setting for the small show was lovely but a note to self… start walking again and try and lose some weight AND wear the purse to the front not the side/back!


Ramona Pageant


The ranch where Ramona lived.


The setting, the trails, The Indian Village to the left of the Joshua trees on the horizon.


The Ranchero Fiesta.. the costumes were lovely I wanted a dress that I could twirl in like they did.


The Native American dancers at the celebration of Ramona’s baby’s blessing.


The setting for the Ramona Pageant was wonderful. I would recommend it to anyone who has never been before. At one point there were “Indian’s” waving from all parts of the mountain behind the dancers in this photograph. The settlers came riding in on horses, there was a settler family on their mule wagon with another man leading a baby mule. It was a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon. I met my friend Teri and her brother there and I went with my friends Janet, Anne and Lydia.

But it was warm, we were smothered in suntan lotion and we’d taken cushions, although they were there to rent – concrete seating is rather hard. Its there for the next 2 weekends.

Now its back to the real world, new bracelets to make, perhaps 2 new blue raggy baby quilts, pendants to finish crocheting and Matt’s science project (now found – Geraint thought it was the tax return to file in the garage! ooops) to sort out for Wednesday, Deirdre to visit with for coffee in the morning and experimenting with bronze precious metal clay Adele and her cousin tomorrow…

Yes, another busy week for the family.

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