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2 days until May 1st

April 28, 2010

Where did the month go three shows, spring clean, the Ramona Pageant and this week is state testing for the boys at school.

Tonight Matt goes to his first rehearsal at Redlands East Valley High School (REVHS) to play in the all city band in 10 days time and he is starting to practice his pieces for the Spring music festival held at REVHS mid-May.

On reflection the Orange Muffin Festival was fun but quiet, I think the “On the Bus” cause could be bigger and far more money could be raised. $7000 is a lot of money to raise and I think the cause is so good. For those of you who missed this – the bus is for children of incarcerated mother’s. The bus gives them a t-shirt, lunch, and takes them to the local prison so they can see their mothers. The ages range from 1yr –27yrs. Its all so sad and I ope that Artists for a Cause could get involved next year and make the event larger thus raising more money for them.


make 20 bracelets – I made 21 and need more

make stud earrings – 7 pairs

rings – 4 and I love them.

business cards – hopefully I’ll have enough for the weekend.

make postcards – no time but I gave out the postcards I had with dates written on which is good recycling

collect Red Dirt poster/postcards distribute – 100%

taxes – 100%

Spring clean – 75% – looks better, could do more but no time

veggies – wow, have given some to friends, still have loads of tomatoes, zucchini, peas, in and thriving the rest are coming along

silk tie purses – no new ones, no time.

My bibliography for the RAA – need to do

Canvas bags for RAA for sale at Art in the Park Mother’s Day weekend. – Bags at printer, waiting for confirmation for the great design.

Studios space – Oh wow… Will has asked a couple of times if his friends could come over play games and sleep over. They are too big to sleep on the front room floor and I said “NO” and explained we had to do upstairs….Monday after school he asked if he rounded up some friends could they rip out the old carpet and underlay and prepare the floor for the new flooring (not bought or anything)…With a 2 day show this weekend and the following weekend… I rolled my eyes and said ask your father he’s in charge! Its going to happen and we could be racing off to lumber liquidators or something to buy 468 sq feet of bamboo flooring… I’m also waiting for a quote for a local company as well. I can’t quite believe it! Now that would be something. I know we wanted to paint the walls etc… we can cover the floor and do it afterwards. Geraint can build the cupboard afterwards… all things are possible … fingers crossed.

No photos sorry… must go and finish some more bracelets. I feel quite desperate about getting enough done because it’s a two day show and I sold 10 bracelets last weekend in one day… feel like I should have 40 for sale and not the 24 I have. Thankfully I ordered new blanks Saturday after Red Dirt so they should arrive today/tomorrow.

Happy making.

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