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Yard Sale find

April 30, 2010

Several blogs have a thrift store find of the week… but I had a yard sale find of the week last Friday. I’d already stopped and bought a Calvin and Hobbs book for the boys and three new tennis balls for Mei on the way back from dropping Will at school. Three quarters of an hour later I drove past after dropping Matt off and found an Ikea settee, 2 cd/dvd storeage holders (we already have one) and a small bedside cabinet, with 4 drawers on wheels ideal for under my work bench in my new studio space! I asked the lady to hold the items, drove home to fetch Geraint and we were back in 15 mins! Oh the grumbling about leaving his breakfast behind.


New settee – transported home tied onto the roof of the van!


Sad old settee on its way out… (oops still in the front room its like a doctor’s office! But it is going out this weekend!


Boring I know but new drawers for me and so much nicer to store the little boxes of buttons and all the things that I seem to need to make jewelry!

We were thrilled with our finds… all for under $100 and there were 2 small pine side tables.

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