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May already and a new to do list

May 4, 2010

If last month was busy for me then this month is busy for the boys with approximately 31 days of school left before they move up to 10th and 8th grade! They are both in the Redlands City concert on Thursday night, then there is a music festival at REVHS, followed by a trip to Scandia for Matt, and the end of year band banquets for both boys and the end of year concerts! Not to mention end of semester exams.

In the mean time I’m back to making a new “to do list” for myself as it has helped me focus on what I need to do for myself (thanks Candy).

Art in the Park, in Smiley Park, downtown Redlands, is this weekend from 9 –4 pm both days. Adele is going to cover me for part of Saturday and I’ll do the same for her on Sunday.  So I have a deadlines for some jewelry.

15 bracelets                                          – 8th May

Finish 6 pairs earrings                           – 8th May

Stacked brown button pendant            – 8th May

Sea Star Pendant                                   – 8th May

Finish 3 pieces of knitted wire jewelry – 8th May

silk tie purses/need new labels              8th May

Canvas bags for RAA                             – 7th May collect from printer/take to Art in the Park Saturday

Finish my bibliography for RAA             – end of the month


veggies – help Geraint get veggies in they are really doing well

get lawn mower serviced

get new struts on mini van (what a way to celebrate its 1st year with us!) – ouch that will hurt $$$

Studios space                                      – completed by the end of the month? The old carpet and underlay is GONE! De- staple floor/ring the flooring company/get flooring down! Paint walls, replace trim! Make phone calls and co-ordinate it all! Establish my space! Geraint to build cupboard/loft bed! Easy really!

Surprise birthday pressie for Adele – belated, I promised her after the shows!

Plan a Christmas wall hanging of  a Torrey Pine for my friend Teri – just thinking about it at the moment, will dye fabric when Candy finishes May term!

Make sure I remember to enroll the boys for Wildwood music summer camp – mail cheque in by 21st May.


Phew that’s enough for the month – I’m exhausted already but 4 bracelets are ready to glue…

PS. My sister finally made it back to the UK on Monday night after an extended trip to New Zealand courtesy of the Icelandic volcano!

P.P.S Sadly ESRI decided not to pick up my friend Leslie’s first young adult children’s novel for the kids summer camp which is sad. Its hard to be a struggling author. She loves writing her stories are fun, with a cool witty twist whether they are young adult or adult. Lets hope that she finds a publisher soon – she deserves it, so fingers crossed.

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  1. Linda D. permalink
    May 5, 2010 10:24 pm

    Hi Liz!

    I saw Andi today, and she mentioned your blog – very nice! Matea is enjoying her Felix the cat bag.


    • bizzilizzi permalink*
      May 6, 2010 6:39 am

      Thanks Linda, glad Matea is enjoying her bag. It was good to see Andi and the girls – its not until you see that that you realize how much you miss them. I’ll be at Art in the Park this weekend are you there? liz

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