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Coffee group – catching up with old friends

May 12, 2010

When we first moved to Redlands over 12 years ago now the boys were 3 yrs old and 1yr and 1 week old. We decided to come because the boys were young and it wouldn’t cut across friends and school but we left behind friends and family. Geraint was occupied with work and the boys and I had to find something to do. On our second morning we walked across the road to the bagel shop and there I met two women who became special friends. Anne who had an almost 2 year old girl called Lydia and Janet who owned the bagel shop. Anne recognizing the jet lagged look on my face stopped to say hi and asked if my husband worked for ESRI – was she telepathic? No, she was part of a coffee group that was comprised of mainly ESRI “Widows” women who had accompanied their husbands from foreign lands, were unable to work, were bereft of family networks and had young children.

This was the start for me of coffee group which became my life line as we settled into our new lives. It encouraged me to drive because I had to find the coffee group location each week. In return discovered a wonderful group of women who were all experiencing the same loss to various degrees and were settling into this new town. Over the years we came from Australia, Russia, South Africa, UK, the Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Canada, and across America. 12 years later the group has disbanded, some of us are still here while other’s have moved away/ returned home and Janet sold the bagel shop. Yet we still stay in contact.

This year Amy returned from Olympia, WA for a quick visit the weekend of the Road to California Quilt Show back in January. Of course we had to have breakfast in the bagel shop…


Me, Amy, Sun, Anne and Lydia – in the bagel shop


This week Andi and her two daughters, Bronwyn and Victoria, accompanied her husband on a trip to Redlands and yes we all met for breakfast in the bagel shop.


Andi & Anne








We missed Deirdre and the rest of our friends who made up the coffee group over the years.

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