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Win Fresh From the Garden Gift Set from Vintage Workshop

May 12, 2010

The Vintage Workshop is holding a fun competition called “Win Fresh From the Garden Gift Set.” Two gift sets will be awarded. The first set will include: garden seed packet apron, seed packet tote bag, seed packet pillow, etc. The second set will include: strawberry apron, seed packet purse with crystals, etc. Check out their blog the gifts and products look wonderful and there is a special treat for bloggers – if you post a link on your blog to the giveaway they are giving away 5 free note cards.

So what do you have to do? Add a comment on their blog about what you are growing in your garden this year.

So what are we growing in the garden this year then… Geraint decided we needed to grow more veggies and from seed and loads came up so we have shared with friends beef tomatoes (and I love cherry tomatoes), basil, and zucchini (round & straight varieties) and more herbs – I think he put in cilantro, mint and parsley. (see earlier posting for the boys making our own compost sieve).


Two different types of zucchini – one is round & the other is long we’ll find out which one is which when the fruit comes in! – notice the difference between the leaves, (yes we’ve been recycling our old carpet as a weed mat on the bank and will do some more with it!)

Oh, I forgot to mention the various bell pepper plants that survived the winter and the red bell pepper that I bought a couple of weeks ago and the chives…

IMG_1668[1]Left to right”: lettuce, spinach and yes the rescued butternut squash!

I ran my stall for the weekend at “Treasures in Another Garden” in Riverside two weeks ago  and returned to find he’d planted spinach, lettuce and rescued what we think are three or 4 butternut squash plants from our own compost and 2 potatoes plants. Sadly our peas aren’t doing well out of 5 plants we are down to two.


Geraint and Will made this little potting table from an old Ikea shelving unit. They painted it with some varnish to protect it against the water and Geraint has been out there daily tending his babies. Tomatoes seeds went everywhere because they seem to be sprouting in every pot of something! The empty black pot has lavender seeds in it and hopefully they’ll survive after Geraint stacked another pot on what he thought was a pot of compost!

I’ve posted photos of the California Poppies in our front garden. I was thrilled that last year’s one California poppy plant self seeded, and we have over a dozen plants blooming choking out the weeds – no need to visit the poppy reserve now!


Now the weather is starting to warm up we’ll be planting the seedlings out and hopefully have a good crop.

He already has ideas for next year… get rid of the large trampoline that dominates one lawn (about 10ft x 10ft), and turn that into a vegetable garden!

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