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Mid month list check

May 13, 2010

I had a few things that I needed finished for Art in the Park- which was a great weekend and I will post some photos…

15 bracelets                                         

Finish 6 pairs earrings                          

Stacked brown button pendant  – Thank you Betty for dropping buy and collecting it.

Sea Star Pendant                                 

Finish 3 pieces of knitted wire jewelry

silk tie purses/need new labels      0%, I sold 1 or 2 of these, I found some fun Jerry Garcia ties and will make them into purses. I think they will be the last batch of silk tie purses. People like them say they are cute and they don’t sell.

Canvas bags for RAA        Several were sold at Art in the Park and now they are for sale in the Gallery.

Finish my bibliography for RAA             – end of the month

veggies – must plant his weekend

get lawn mower serviced – must do grass is growing well!

new struts on mini van IT had to be!

Studios space  – all carpet/underlay on stairs and floor GONE! 3/4 of the old trim down!

Surprise birthday pressie for Adele – 25% belated, I promised her after the shows!

Plan a Christmas wall hanging of  a Torrey Pine for my friend Teri – just thinking about it at the moment, will dye fabric when Candy finishes May term!

Make sure I remember to enroll the boys for Wildwood music summer camp – mail cheque in by 21st May.

IMG_1652Art in the Park, really early Saturday morning – before the wind got up.

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