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Not quite the end of the month!

May 28, 2010

Well 4 days left until the 1st June. I think we’ve been blessed this year with a cool Spring, grey May days and temperatures only in the 70s most days, with a few exceptions plus we’ve had rain. This weekend sees a turn around in the temperatures 90 f by Sunday and mid 80s all next week.

The boys are moving into end of year exams, returning text books, last minute school treats with the final music concerts and band banquets finished.

IMG_1730Matt –the new Senior Uniform Tech with his friend Ryan new Head Uniform Tech for Moore marching Band 20010-2011.

Matt was also rewarded for his role as Uniform Tech last year in band and received a medal for Advanced Band this year.

IMG_1644 Will played in the all city concert at RHS and in All County (and so did Matt) with his beloved tuba. All the kids who played in bands outside school were praised and at his high school marching band banquet last Saturday.

In the midst of all this we’ve celebrated our friend Lydia’s 14th birthday (the 21 month toddler we met on our 2nd day in California).

IMG_1721 Happy Birthday Lydia

While all these activities has been going on we’ve been "picking away” at little things that needed to be done for the family room studio. With the exception of a few staples under the desk the rest have gone…


The banister rails and base – gone

The space between the end of the stairs and the wall is where Geraint will build the built in cupboard for all my “stuff” and hopefully the games for the Xbox etc. with a loft bed.


All the dark trim around the ceiling – gone


All the dark trim around the windows is going to go as well but this time we’ll paint it


That far small window is the corner I’ve laid claim to for my studio area. It gets all the early morning light, I shall have an L shaped work bench along the walls and I told Geraint there would be room for a design wall for me as well!

He’s decided that he’d like the big wall space for the tv area and I suggested that the big picture window area should be where the two desks go because the view across to the mountains is fantastic.

This weekend we’re going to focus on filling nail holes in the wall, sanding the dark wood around the windows and hopefully we can get some undercoat on them and start the painting. Can we get the painting and the floor done by the end of the school year.

If I look back at my list for the month I think I did quite well.

Two great shows which I enjoyed

Adele’s secret birthday pressie –done

Lydia’s birthday bracelet – done

RAA Artist Biography Book – done to the best of my ability and mine in it! (a few more to add)

veggies – must plant the last this weekend and start picking the zucchini!

get lawn mower serviced – oops forgot

new struts on mini van- done and so much nicer to drive – thanks Elias at Kellem’s Automotive. They have no web page but lots of references and praise.

Plan a Christmas wall hanging of  a Torrey Pine for my friend Teri – planning stage

Wildwood music summer camp – done

Family room studio – ooh coming along….

oh the silk purses – never did get them done but there is the summer.

ooh and now to celebrate the long weekend tea with Candy and planning for Artists for a Cause website and my own! Ooh how exciting.

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