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Better late than never

June 6, 2010

My June to do list is late but we’ve been busy!

May leftovers:

veggies – sadly neglected!

get lawn mower serviced – oops forgot

Plan a Christmas wall hanging of  a Torrey Pine for my friend Teri

silk purses –

Artists for a Cause website – my input needed

June plans…


Tackle May’s leftovers

The big push this month is the Studio/family room. I so want to be able to use it in the mornings (it is hellish hot in the afternoons and the ac is expensive regardless of the solar panels). All the walls are painted, now we, or me, need to paint the wood work, Geraint to do the framing for the cupboard, finish prepping the floor ready for the floor. There is no baseboard we’ll buy new, and then there is the trim/coving to go round the edge of the ceiling. The stairs are causing grief but Geraint is mulling that issue over. Once that is all done we have to seriously think about a new cooker/installing a gas line, our poor electric one seems to be on its last legs. But what the heck its summer, we have a camping stove (for Earl Grey tea in the mornings and coffee for Geraint) and salad is good for us.

Send in my application for Art for Heaven’s Sake in October – take photos

Purchase bracelet blanks by the foot and make my own bracelets. So please let me know what size wrists you are, I want to continue my survey I posted on Facebook.

Santa Monica gem show with Adele mid June…


I think I’ll leave my list there this month, the studio/family room is a huge project but we are slowly getting there.

Not to mention school ending on 10th June for the summer. Will has catch up summer school and marching band the first part, the boys have Wildwood music camp at the end of July and then Will has school marching band camp!

Somewhere in the middle of that I hope we get away for the week to the seaside…..

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  1. June 6, 2010 11:39 pm

    Yes input is needed on the AFC website! 😉 I can’t wait to see that room up and running, just imagine how awesome it will be to have all your buttons in one place@

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