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My one moment of the week

June 12, 2010

My poor front garden is looking trashed, the exuberant California poppies are over, the weeds are wild and the irrigation needs to be on. Geraint had a go at the lawn mower to no avail so its the strimmer tomorrow. As it was still coolish this afternoon, about 80, I went on the attack, dug the garden bed around the roses, tamed the poppies and chopped back the weeds. Feeling really hot and thirsty I came indoors for a glass of water and sat at the kitchen table to drink it.

Geraint and Matthew were upstairs starting to frame the cupboard, for my “stuff” in the studio area, before the floor gets put down. There was the noise of hammering and sawing but then they stopped and I could hear Geraint carefully explaining what they were going to next, how to put the nail in and why you should do it that way. It obviously didn’t go right, nails were being dropped on the floor but it didn’t matter. They had a laugh and tried again. The father son camaraderie was fantastic. It reminded me of being a kid and helping my dad, with Kitty the cat, put in the central heating into our 1930s house in Worthing when I was a bit younger than Matt. I just sat drinking my water and enjoying the moment.

Very soon afterwards they came downstairs laughing together desperately needing a drink and a break from their hard work. The main support is in which is the most important thing. We now have to decide about a door and the height of the cupboard!

IMG_1764[1]See Candy I wasn’t kidding!

Yes oops the old fitting got broken but who cares – I hated it!

Later I got back out to the garden and planted 5 of the many tomato plants that need to be planted and another squash that needs a home in the front garden bed. Crazy, but the spring flowers are over, The irrigation needs to be on for the lawn and the roses so excess tomatoes and zucchini might as well benefit. Tomorrow I intend to plant up the rest of the tomatoes and the last two squash. Then the zucchini need to be harvested. I guess we are in for some creative recipes and a lot of zucchini bread which is better than granola bars for school!


Round Zucchini in Geraint’s hand


More round zucchini waiting to be harvested…

om [one moment] meet up

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